Darryl L. Wheeler Sr.

Steward / Motivational Speaker

Darryl Lamar Wheeler Sr. born February 5, 1962 in the City of Chattanooga, TN and still resides in the city with his wife and two children. Darryl graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1980 and continued his education at Chattanooga State College, and the University of Tennessee Chattanooga where he studied Business Management.

Although Darryl was raised in a middle class neighborhood and was fortunate enough to attend private schools, his attitudes about life attained a certain balance, as he would work in the family store located in the inner city of Chattanooga. He experienced first hand the hopelessness of poverty, witnessed rampant criminal activity, and saw first hand the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction, situations that would be very alien to his privileged daytime classmates.

Darryl has committed his life and talents to the betterment of the human condition, especially the plight of young people in this nation. He searched for a unique method to deliver a powerful anti-drug message that would be both meaningful and informative; yet entertaining enough to capture a child’s imagination thus the “Happy Clowns” were born. Darryl Wheeler expanded his crusade as the Happy Clowns morphed into the musical group “Nu Beginning” which included a young Usher Raymond. The group worked diligently under the leadership of Darryl Wheeler, earning a major recording contract while continuing to share positive messages through their music with audiences throughout the country.

Darryl loved and treated the young men of “Nu Beginning” as his sons, and they looked upon Darryl as their father. In order to protect his adoptive sons from the exploitive behaviors inherent in the music industry, Darryl committed himself to learning every nuance of the music industry from publishing and copyright to obtaining and managing worldwide distribution of the group’s image and products.

Darryl continues his mission today as founder and president of Come Clean Entertainment Inc. The Chattanooga based record label takes prides in providing opportunities in the music industry and specializes in the lost art of artist development. The Come Clean Entertainment label strongly encourages artist to maintain positive attitudes toward self and family, respect for women, and to celebrate these ideals in their music as well as in everyday life.

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Darryl Public Speaking
Darryl Public Speaking
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