About Us

"If the desire is there, make the commitment now, and remain faithful to God. Remembering the responsibility to his creation as an instrument displaying love, peace, and unity ways of life, as well as what it means to be on God's time." -Darryl Wheeler Sr. In 1987, Darryl Wheeler stood on a hilltop overlooking the city of Chattanooga, and what he saw was appalling. He saw children using drugs, young people engaging in acts of violence usually reserved for hardened criminals, depravity, and all manner of immoral behavior; In short, he saw the need. Darryl made his way down the hill with a dream of filling these needs; little did he know what it would grow into.

Coupling this dream with personal determination, and the realization that all things work to the good of those who love God, Darryl began a small traveling roadshow known as the Happy Clowns; a group of like-minded young people in colorful attire who traveled the southeastern U.S. dancing and singing the praises of a clean, positive, drug-free lifestyle.

With this mission of positively at heart, the Happy Clowns pressed forward with such great success and acclaim, that the city of Chattanooga decided to honor them. It was while performing at this gala event that the Happy Clowns were seen by one Sylvester Burton, who was so blown away that he promptly offered Darryl a record deal; but the time was not yet right.

Two years and countless hours of hard work later, the paths of Mr. Burton and Mr. Wheeler crossed again and though much time had elapsed, the electrifying performance that Sylvester had witnessed was still fresh in his mind.

After extensive prayer, Darryl decided that the time was right to take the Happy Clowns to the next level. So, shedding the clown suits, but keeping their positive ideas; The Happy Clowns transferred into the Nu Beginning who quickly became a sensational success. In 1991 after many years of heartfelt love, nourishment, and hands-on development the members and surrogate sons of Darryl’s Dream group The Nu Beginning (Anthony Byrd, Adrian Johnson, Usher Raymond 4th, Charles Yarbrough, and Reginald Mckibbens) Landed a record deal with a Florida Base label. Due to the politics of the music industry, the deal was short-lived.

Hardship after hardship came, often leaving them in their wake tears, heartbreak, and disappointments. Yet Darryl still stands, and with a greater understanding of the music business, he can work hard and build his own label; thus, Come Clean Entertainment was born, a label dedicated to inner personal contact, integrity, and honoring God's love. A major highlight of Darryl’s career was the 2001 Come Clean Entertainment label partnering with Universal Record with his Son Darryl aka Lil D being the artist.

Our current project, the release of Rance Allen “When Jesus Comes for Me” written by Motown legend Prentiss Anderson and co-written and produced by Darryl Wheeler Sr. with co-producers Tyler Reddick and Gregory Walton is a true representation and expression of the Come Clean Entertainment family continuous commitment to family, God, and the power of love. Faith in God and hard work does pay off, no matter who turns their back on you. Just don't' turn your back on God!!