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Ralph Dallemand

Personal Assistant

Ralph Dallemand was born in Haiti, but raised in Brooklyn New York. Ralph graduated from Gorge Westinghouse Voc and Tec High School in Brooklyn. Ralph then graduated from Edison community college with an A.A, and the University of Florida where with a B.S. Electrical Engineering. Although Ralph was raised in a middle class family with two brothers and three sisters, as a young man growing up in Brooklyn, Ralph has faced many challenges. Living in New York Ralph witnessed the lost of many of his friends to drug and gun violence. After witnessing the same gun and drug violence take his older brother to prison for 25 years, Ralph moved to Florida for a change. Ralph worked in the state of Florida for some years as an Electrical Engineer. Feeling like he needed a change again Ralph moved to Massachusetts where he worked as a System Engineer. Realizing that his life was still incomplete, Ralph started looking for something that he can do to help people. On February 2001 in Providence Road Island at a music industry conference, Darryl Wheeler was on a panel of music industry insiders. Ralph introduced his self to Darryl and notice that they had some things in commend. After years of speaking and working together, Ralph and Darryl have become very good friends. Darryl later encouraged Ralph to work with his parents start a company (Ebenezer Crisis Foundation) that aids the poor people of Haiti with education and food. “I’m happy an existed to work with my mentor and good friend on his life story ‘A Walk Through time’ I feel that this story will enlighten people of all race and religion.”

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